Navigating The Crisis of an Absentee Father

Find the comfort, wisdom and guidance you never had the chance to experience through the pages of Dexter Peggins Jr.’s latest book

The Pain of an absent father can cause great trauma.

It’s hard to overcome, and many spend their lives trying to recover from it. And even if your father was around, emotional absence is still a prevalent problem—it’s a crisis that has crippled families and communities for hundreds of years.

But, what if you could heal from it?

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As a pastor, mentor and father, I’ve spent countless hours helping men young and old navigate the aftermath of an absent father. Maybe he was never in their life to begin with. Or maybe, he was never emotionally available. The result is always the same—a deep need for closure and understanding.

That’s why I wrote Dear Son: The Words of a Father to the Heart of a Son. Born from the realization that sons need to hear the heart of a father, this book was written under inspiration from the words of Malachi 4:6a: “He will restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers.”

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Dear Son is written in the form of letters, from a repentant father to a dejected son. It will warm your heart and shine a light on the moments necessary to healing a broken relationship.


But, don’t just take my word for it.

“This book speaks to the heart and soul of men, young or old. It is filled with timeless principles spoken in today’s terms. The many thoughts/emotions some men struggle to verbalize, and truly transfer their legacy - are thoroughly discussed within these pages. Highly recommended read!”
“Awesome read. This book is well written. I believe all Fathers, sons & men should read this book. It has personal prayers and letters from Our Heavenly Father to our sons. Such a great perspective displaying love through letters.”
"Introspective, and challenging for the reader that has father disappointments or wants to be a better father to minimize disappointment!!"
“The way in which this book is written with letters from a father to his son is brilliant! This book speaks to those who want to understand and navigate through the relationship they have or had with their father. It is beautifully written with a powerful message of communication, love, and forgiveness. A definite must read for the younger and older generations of today!”

It’s time to break the barrier holding you back and finally heal the space left by the absence of a father to look up to. Inside Dear Son, you’ll find more than inspiration. It’s filled with tangible truths to reflect on, as well as wisdom from God on the steps to healing. You deserve the peace that comes from understanding. You can heal from your current pain. Dear Son: The Words of a Father to the Heart of a Son is the first step.

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